Canfield Crib

Throughout The Seasons

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We've had the house since January 2015, and with each season comes a welcomed change (well, aside from maybe winter - Elyse thinks that season carries on for far too long). From American swag to Christmas trees, we try to make the house as festive as possible throughout the seasons.



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We appreciate the warmer weather and flowers this time of the year brings. It’s also the time of the year when we can get the most yard/house work done! (Dad’s Tesla not included with the house.) 😎







Some may do all they can to keep the lawn fertilized and fed during the dry summer months, though we just let nature take its course.

Hey, not only are we saving money here, but time, sunburns, and sweat is saved, as well!



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Hands down the best season of the year, amirite?!


We strive to make fall last as long as possible, so these types of decorations are typically put up the second weekend of September and aren’t taken down until it’s socially acceptable to blare Christmas tunes.



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When these colder months roll around, you can likely find every candle in the house lit, smell freshly-baked cookies, and tune into one of the many, cheesy holiday movies Elyse has recorded On Demand.